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NexLand Realty Rewards Circle

Nexland Realty Rewards Circle is a referral circle which rewards its subscribers in various ways.


Get 1-2% referral fee for every successful referral. Choose from among a variety of real estate developers that NexLand is accredited with.


A chance to win instant cash prizes in the preliminary draws and your very own dream house in the grand raffle draw. One subscription corresponds to one slot in the raffle draws.


Get exclusive access to our webinars and materials to get you acquainted and knowledgeable in the real estate industry.

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Dexie Gacutno


About the Company

Nexland Realty is a brokerage company offering real estate services.

With a number of brokers and agents on board, we are starting a tradition of excellence and integrity to provide quality service to our existing and prospective clients.

We believe in personalized care and we understand that our clients want value for their money with properties worthy of their investment.